About Us

                                                   Mission Statement 

Byas is a lifestyle brand that promotes being true to self. At Byas we believe the best gift you can give yourself is to remain true to who you are at the core of it all. Its where our true power lies. The Journey will not always be easy but never give up on yourself. Life has a way of working everything out as long as we continue to put one foot in front of another and keep pushing forward.


Be Your Authentic Self doesn't mean having everything figured out. It doesn't mean we must be perfect or portray ourselves as perfect. It means expressing every bit of our being both the good and the not so good parts of us. It means learning to love every part of our being. It means learning to be patient with ourselves in changing what we can change and learning to love what we can't. It means embracing our true feelings not just the ones we think others would accept us for. It means walking the path meant for each one of us. It means spending time with yourself to get to know your likes and dislikes. It means trusting the light inside of you and letting it guide you through life. It means being brave enough to express all aspects of yourself even if it means not being accepted by others. It means owning your story and everything that makes you, you. We all have a unique story we are unraveling, it is our super power it can never be duplicated. Its where we meet our true destiny. Its where the stars align. Be fearless in the pursuit of life. Own it, Love it, Embrace it, Enjoy it, Let it play out and give it all you got!!!. What makes You, You?

We all have a story!! Whats Yours? What makes You, You?

To be anything other than yourself is a big F U to who you are at the core of it all. Learn to love yourself for who you are right now. Soon you'll realize that who you are at the core of it all is who you wanted to be all along!